The Mines

The Mines was a project I did using the Unreal Development Kit. I picked this theme after being inspired while playing Demon's Souls. I started by blocking out the area in 3ds Max to get a feel for the layout I wanted. Then I created place holder models; many of which were tileable. This made it quick and easy to layout the room in UDK.





The Tiki Bar

The Tiki Bar project was a two person project put together by Lindsey Anderson and myself to continue improving our skills in modeling, texturing, and general environment art. The idea of the project was to make a restaurant with an obvious Tiki style using the Unreal Development Kit. The project started out over a white board to get our ideas flowing and send us off in the same direction. Lindsey started the scene by creating the general layout which we had decided on during our white board sketching. We both worked on modeling and texturing and I was responsible for the lighting.





The following models were created for a large scale student project called DAVIS. The team was comprised of 40 or more students who were broken down into teams, all contributing as part of our development pipeline. For the first half of the project I worked as a 3D Modeler, creating models and textures for the team to use in game. During the second half the project, I took on the role of Modeling Lead where I was responsible for scheduling, assignments, teaching, and giving out critiques for the modeling team.





Misc Models